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The Advantages Of Buying Site Furnishings Made From Recycled Materials

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Whether it is a park bench or a trash bin, site furnishings help public spaces to be more inviting by providing conveniences for visitors to use.  Through the years, these furnishings have been made with a variety of durable materials so they can stand up to several years of wear and tear.  

Concrete, wrought iron and aluminum are some of the materials that have been used to create these conveniences in the past.  However, many innovative companies are now producing site furnishings made with recycled materials.

Recycled materials are widely available, sustainable and more inexpensive than most raw materials.

Recycled Materials Used for Furnishings

Two of the most commonly used recycled materials for the construction of site furnishings are plastic and aluminum.  Ordinary plastic milk jugs, soda bottles and aluminum soda or beer cans are often used to create benches, recycling or trash receptacles, picnic tables and planters.  HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, recyclables are often used to make these items.

HDPE is used to create many products, including plastic bottles, plastic bags and bottle caps.  All of these items can be recycled and turned into products for commercial or residential use.  A HDPE plastic products identified with a "2" in the SPI resin id code.

Advantage of Using Recycled Materials

There are several advantages to using recycled materials to make public furnishings.  Products made from recycled HDPE products are very durable and can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking, peeling or rotting like wood often does.  These products are also resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Site furnishings made from recycled HDPE materials also need very little maintenance because they don't need to be painted, stained or waterproofed on a regular basis.  If they are marked with graffiti, it can usually be removed with standard cleaning products.  These furnishings are cost effective because they do not require annual maintenance.

Recycled products are sustainable because they keep recyclable materials out of landfills.  Plastic products do not decompose easily and sometimes they are made with toxins that can leech into groundwater supplies.  By using plastics to produce new products, companies are helping to preserve the ecosystem.

Municipalities that purchase products made from recycled materials also benefit by reducing costs to taxpayers and by doing so, it shows their commitment to helping preserve the planet.  From a public relations standpoint, buying site furnishings made from recycled materials makes good sense for local governments to do. For more help, contact a company like Knecht & Berchtold Inc. with any questions or concerns you might have.