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Three Ways To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa-Like Retreat

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Your bathroom should be more than just a room in your home. When designed and decorated correctly, it can become an oasis away from the outside world. Here are three exciting ways to transform your regular bathroom into a spa-like retreat that helps you unwind at the end of a long day.

Install a Sunken Bathtub

Get rid of the plain, cookie-cutter bathtub that sits at one end of your bathroom. Install a sunken bathtub to create a tranquil, seamless look in your room. These tubs give the appearance of a small swimming pool in the middle of your bathroom. Detailed, ornate tile around the edge of the tub can give your bathroom a rich, elegant look. Add shower benches to the side of the tub to create the spa feel for your space. If a sunken tub isn't an option for your home, consider a platform tub that provides a similar built-in look that is more elegant than a traditional tub.

Add Custom Shower Doors

If you have a separate shower and bathtub, consider adding custom shower doors to define the space in the room. Frameless shower doors can create an open, airy feel to the room. Some contractors have experience using unique materials, such as oil-rubbed bronze and even wood, to create architectural looks that match your home's existing decor theme. Work with a contractor such as Glass X Inc to come up with other touches to make your shower a more personalized space. Steam shower and custom shower head systems work beautifully with custom shower doors.

Create a Salon Space

Your bathroom should be more than a tub, toilet, shower and sink. Carve out a salon space for sitting and relaxing after you take a shower. This can be the space you use when you do your hair or nails, or use it to meditate after a long bath. Here are a few things to add to the space to make it calming and comfortable:

  • A soft, cushioned couch
  • A small coffee table for holding candles, magazines and incense
  • Soft lighting
  • Speakers and a charging dock for your MP3 player
  • Hooks for your robes and towels

Remember that with all three of these decorating tips, the idea is to create a calm, soothing space. Use neutral colors and understated decor pieces to add to the tranquility of your space. Work with your contractor to create a custom design for your bathroom that transforms your space into an oasis from your everyday life.