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4 Ways You Can Use A Garden Window

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Regardless of the style of home that you currently live in or are building, garden windows can be an excellent addition. They are perfect for replacement windows since they simply fit into your existing window frame. This is because the panes actually extend outside of your home. Garden windows offer you more space, additional natural light and a better view. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your newly-installed garden window:

1. Add Beautiful Color

If you would like to add color to your home during the day without actually having to paint your walls, you can use your garden window to do it. Since the garden window essentially catches more light, you can install stained glass in replace of the traditional window to create a beautiful color spectrum. Alternatively, you could also use colorful jars and glass sculptures.

2. Create Additional Shelf Space

Everyone needs some extra space, and a garden window can provide you with that. At the kitchen sink it becomes a place where you can store sponges, soap and other kitchen necessities. It can also be used in the living room to store family photos or sentimental knick-knacks. For larger garden windows, they can be used in many rooms as additional seating space with seat cushions and small pillows.

3. Grow an Inside Garden

Your garden window can actually be used to create your very own small garden. It offers plenty of extra light, so it's the perfect place to grow seasonal bulbs, potted flowers and even plants with vines. They are also ideal for growing orchids and other plants that need a good balance of moisture, light and heat.

4. Use the Sun

There are a number of processes that you can use the sun for. For example, many people enjoy making sun tea. If this sounds interesting to you or it is something that you do often, your garden window is the perfect place for it. Just place your pitcher of water with tea bags in the window to get warm. You can also use the garden window to ripen fruit. At the same time, you can use a decorative bowl for the fruit to add some nice temporary décor.

Regardless of where you have a garden installed in your home, it can really make a huge impact on the interior and exterior appearance of your home as well as providing you with more light and storage space. When replacing your windows, with companies such as Progress Glass Co Ltd, you may want to consider an energy-efficient garden window.