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Common Types Of Overhead Doors Used For A Residential Garage

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Having a garage next to you home provides a lot of extra storage for those things you do not want cluttering up your home. It is also the perfect place to park your car and store other items you do not want left out to be exposed to the weather. With the doors of your garage closed, there are no worries of rain, snow or extreme sunlight causing damage to what you have stored inside the garage. Overhead doors are the most popular type of doors that are installed on a residential garage.

There are different styles of overhead doors and each provides excellent protection for your belongings:

Single Overhead Doors

Single overhead doors lift up and back so they do not take up space in the garage when opened. The door is stored on an overhead track while it is opened. This allows plenty of room for pulling into or backing out of the garage.

It also makes moving large objects out of the garage easier. Many homeowners store furniture in the garage and they may need to move the furniture back into their homes from time to time. Having a door that moves up and back when opened makes this task much easier to manage.

Double Overhead Doors

If you have an extra large garage, you may want to consider having double overhead doors installed. These are convenient for those who park two cars in their garage. If only one car is being moved out of the garage, only one door will need to be opened.

Each opening for each door has plenty of clearance room to move your car in and out of the garage without affecting the other parked car that remains inside.

Rolling Overhead Doors

Rolling overhead doors are also very popular among homeowners. These doors are usually made of a more flexible metal that rolls up and use a pulley system to raise them and wrap them around a large metal bar that holds them above the garage entry way. These doors are also commonly used in commercial garage businesses or fire department buildings.

Overhead doors may be operated manually or by an automatic system that makes them remote controlled. They are normally insulated very well and seal inside the frame when closed. This keeps elements from the weather and unwanted pests from getting into the garage. Overhead doors can also be locked just like traditional garage doors that open by being pulled outward.

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