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Keeping Construction Scraps Safe In High-Crime Areas

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Some construction contractors sell their scraps to other businesses in the area. If you are a contractor who deals with scraps this way, you need to know how to keep your garbage safe while you are working in areas where it is more likely to get stolen. It's also important that you don't use methods that will destroy your profit margin.

Use Dummy Cameras

Dummy cameras are basically fake security cameras. They can be almost indistinguishable from authentic security cameras. If you set up dummy cameras around your construction site, you can deter would-be thieves from trespassing on the site while you aren't around.

Dummy cameras are relatively inexpensive and can be used over and over again at different construction sites. Position the cameras so they are high off the ground and can't be tampered with.

Be Proactive With Signs

Copper is one scrap metal that many people are looking to get their hands on. It has a relatively high value at scrap yards. Simply placing a sign that says 'No Copper On Site' may be able to deter some copper thieves. At the very least, they will be aware that you know of their presence.

You can also post a sign that reads 'Site Monitored By Cameras 24/7' to keep criminals at a distance. The goal is to let criminals know that they indeed have your attention and that precautions have been taken.

Get Adequate Fencing

Companies like Quik Pick Waste Disposal specialize in fencing that can help keep trespassers off your construction site. Ideally, you want a fence that is hard to climb.

Having a fence that obscures the view of the construction site is a must if you want to prevent theft of your scraps. If the people can't see what is inside, they might not be tempted to steal from your site.

Brighten Up Your Site

Posting a few bright lights during the night can help prevent people from searching through your construction site for scraps. Another way you can use lighting to protect your site is by attaching flood lights to motion detectors.

Much like cameras, you can bring the lights and motion detectors to all of your construction sites. They will pay for themselves with all the use you get out of them.

Remove Scraps Daily

Another way to avoid having your scraps stolen is by arranging to have them removed daily. Either have the buyer come collect them or deliver them yourself.

Use the above methods to protect your construction scraps that you sell for extra money. Some of the above methods will also work to keep your construction equipment safe as well.