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How Long Has It Been Since You Checked Out Your Attic?

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Many homeowners live in their homes for a long time without ever going up into the attic. The condition of your attic is important and could be an indicator it is time for a new roof. In some homes, water damage from a leaking roof causes ceiling and structural damage that needs to be replaced. Homeowners looking for ways to save money and to improve the safety of their home can learn a lot by checking out their home's attic.

Inspecting The Insulation In Your Attic

Heat loss can happen fast in an attic simply because heat rises. The attic insulation in many homes, especially older homes, is commonly damaged by mice or squirrels. Not only do these vermin cause insulation damage, they can also create unhealthy conditions in your home. Cleaning out your attic is important to learn whether you need to call an exterminator. If the insulation needs to be replaced, renting a dumpster for placing all the old insulation in is a good idea.

Wet Insulation Could Mean Water Damage And Roof Leaks

If you discover wet insulation, the moisture that collects in it could cause greater water damage to the wood underneath it. This is especially true if wet insulation sits on wood for a long time. Wet insulation is a sign of a leak, most likely from the roof. If you have a leak in your roof, it could be time for more than just the replacement of the insulation in your attic. You may need to have a new roof put on. If you have the roof replaced, always remember to also replace the water damaged wood in your attic as well.

Roofing Materials Can Be Messy

Roof replacement can mean a huge mess in your yard, especially if the replacement involves tearing off old asphalt shingles. During the replacement of your roof, tarps should be in place to catch falling debris. If not, discuss with roofers about putting them in place before getting started on the roof. Doing so could help you avoid having to pick up pieces of shingles out of the grass and shrubbery for months to come. Renting a dumpster is the best way to take care of old shingles and other debris from an old roof.

The homeowner that plans to have a new roof put on their home might consider the need for a dumpster before getting started. Shingles can create a lot of debris in your yard when they fall, especially older ones that break into smaller pieces after hitting the ground. Knowing all the debris is in a dumpster for pickup is a lot better than you dreading several trips to dispose of them. Many roofing professionals include dumpster rentals (such as from Roadrunner Recycling & Waste Management Ltd) in their estimates and have it delivered for you.