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Insulate Areas In Your Home For Maximum Comfort

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This winter you can take some steps to prevent heat loss in your home and cut back on your energy bill. Simple steps can be taken to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It will be pleasing to be able to leave your thermostat on one temperature and not have to worry about feeling drafts or seeing a large increase in the amount you need to spend in order to stay warm. 

Caulk Around Your Windows 

Apply caulk around the outer edges of your windows. Caulk comes in tubes and can be applied with a caulk gun. Pull back the spring that is located at the back of the gun. Cut the tip off of the tube and remove the inner foil seal. Insert the cartridge into the gun until it locks in place. Squeeze the trigger and apply a thin, even coating around each window. Smooth this product out with a putty knife. Once the caulk is dry, you will not feel any drafts when you are sitting near the windows. 

Insulate Hot Water Heater Pipes

Save money by insulating the pipes that lead to your hot water heater. Thermal insulation can be placed around each pipe and taped at the seams. You can also purchase a thermal blanket to place around the entire heater. This item is ready to use and will quickly slip around the water heater. The water in your tank will stay warmer for a longer period of time, cutting back on the amount of times that the tank has to heat up. 

Invest In Thermal Window Coverings

Thermal curtains and blinds have a special backing on them that will prevent the loss of heat through the windows. These window coverings are priced around the same as standard curtains and blinds. They are sold in a variety of patterns and colors and are made out of several types of fabric. Hang up your new coverings and notice how it stays warm and toasty inside, even on the coldest nights of the year. 

Apply Weatherstripping Around Your Doors

Weatherstripping will fill in gaps that are next to the sides of each door that leads outside. The strips come with self-adhesive backs, making them simple to apply. Measure the amount needed and peel off the paper as you press the material onto the sides of the door. When your doors close, you won't see any gaps and this will keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

All of these preparations will help you remain comfortable and provide you with valuable savings. Taking a little bit of time out now to make these changes will pay off in the future.