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Two Paving Questions New Homeowners Often Ask

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Your home's driveway is an important part of both its look and functionality, but eventually, every driveway will need to be repaved. Sadly, some new homeowners have never had to do this type of project before, and they may not know much about the paving process. Therefore, there are likely a couple of questions these individuals may have wondered. 

Why Does The Cost Of Asphalt Vary So Much?

One of the most unpleasant surprises that comes from these projects is the constantly changing price of asphalt. It is not uncommon for some people to obtain a quote from a contractor and wait a couple of weeks before deciding if they want to go through with the project. When they do, they may find that their old quote is wildly inaccurate. 

These rapid changes in price stems from the fact that one of the primary ingredients in asphalt is petroleum. As a result, the final price will adjust with the oil market, and the end result can be both rapid price swings upward and downward. There is no way to really prevent these swings, but you can minimize your risk by having the project done as soon as possible after you obtain the quote. 

When Can Residential Driveways Be Paved?

There are many construction projects that must be done in specific times of the year, and this is true of paving driveways. The concrete or asphalt used to create the driveway must dry in good weather conditions or else it may be more likely to crack or develop potholes. Typically, this work should be done during the warm and sunny summer months. 

However, there may be times when your project simply cannot wait until the summer. During these instances it may still be possible to pave the driveway during the winter months. Yet, this work will need to rapidly be done during brief warm periods, and it may require the use of special outdoor heaters. Not surprisingly, pouring a driveway in these conditions can be more expensive to perform, but if you have no other option, it can be done. 

Having your home's driveway re-probed is always a major but essential task to perform for those wanting to ensure their homes retain their value and appeal. Yet, new homeowners may not have much experience in this area, but learning the answers to these common questions can help them to better plan and prepare for these undertakings. Talk to your driveway experts, such as D K I Services Ltd, for more information.