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Comparing Wood Decks And Stone Patios

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Wood decks and stone patios perform the same function and provide you with living space outside. However, since they are made out of different materials, wooden decks and stone patios provide very different sets of benefits. Understanding the differences between wooden decks and stone patios allows you to make an educated decision about which one would best meet your needs.

Wooden Decks

Wood decks provide a natural and rustic appearance to your backyard, and are more common than stone patios. This is partly because of the affordability of wood – the price of your deck largely depends on the type of lumber that you choose to use. Additionally, wooden decks offer the ability to be easily adapted to your needs. Multi-level decks can be easily constructed, and wooden decks can have additions built onto them very easily. Finally, wooden decks offer a wider range of shades to choose from and can be altered using stains at any time.

However, wooden decks are susceptible to rot and pest infestations, which means that over time, your deck will degrade. Furthermore, wood decks require constant maintenance in order to reduce the likelihood of such damage occurring, which drives up long-term costs and hassle. It should also be noted that decking, even when chemically treated, can be warped and bleached by weather exposure, which again requires maintenance to fix.

Stone Patios

Stone patios are a viable alternative to wooden decks, and provide greater durability and a longer lifespan than wood decks do. This is because of the sheer strength of stone. Even when exposed to extreme weather, stone patios will not warp, crack, rot, rust, or otherwise become damaged. In fact, most stone patios will last several decades regardless of maintenance. Additionally, stone can be cut into nonlinear shapes, which wood cannot be, allowing for more abstract designs to be built into your patio.

However, stone patios do have some drawbacks. The first and perhaps the most obvious is the significantly high price of stone. Though the exact price will depend on the type of stone, a stone patio will come with a high price tag, as well as a longer installation time (and thus labor costs) when compared to wooden decks, which means that some homeowners won't be able to afford to install one. Furthermore, stone patios can only be installed on the ground, and cannot be built into multi-level structures like wooden decks can. This somewhat limits the designs that can be used.

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