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Need New Flooring? Consider The Benefits Of Vinyl

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When it comes to replacing the flooring in your home there will be a variety of options to pick from that range from hardwood to carpeting. One material you may want to consider is vinyl because of how it can imitate other materials at a fraction of the cost. Here are four reasons why you should consider using vinyl in your home.

The Appearance

Many homeowners love vinyl because it has such versatility when it comes to designs. This is because the patterns are created with a specialized process known as photogravure. It allows the vinyl flooring material to be covered with an incredibly realistic photo that replicates natural materials like wood and stone.

Vinyl flooring can also be purchased in planks or tiles to best match the visual style that you want. Tiles will look best with stone designs such as slate or marble, and planks work best when duplicating wood like oak, pine, and maple.

The Durability

Vinyl flooring can withstand being used in areas that see a high amount of foot traffic. This is possible because of the four different layers that make up vinyl flooring.

The backing makes up the majority of the product, and gives vinyl its solidity and structure. The design layer is placed on top of the backing, and it contains the photo replication of the material the flooring will imitate. A clear film is placed on top of the design layer, and protects the image from rips, tears, and other types of damage. Aluminum oxide is placed on the very top to prevent the material from dents, scratches, and scuffing.

The Comfort

The multiple layers of the flooring help make it very comfortable as well. You will notice that vinyl flooring is softer to walk on compared to tile flooring. Vinyl will also feel warmer when comparing it to materials like ceramic flooring.

The Maintenance

Vinyl flooring will have very little maintenance in comparison to other flooring types. The most you'll need to do is clean the vinyl with a damp mop and floor cleaner that is vinyl friendly. Vinyl is easy to spot clean when a spill occurs as well.

Now that you know some benefits of vinyl flooring, you should be able to make an informed decision about if it's right for your home. Reach out to a local flooring company (such as Alfa Decking & Floors) for a price quote on how much it will cost to have vinyl flooring installed.