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A Business Owner's Guide To Damage Caused By Graffiti Etching

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In business, the appearance of your store is one of the most crucial aspects of  your operation. This is why glass storefronts are such a popular fixture in businesses that are situated in an urban setting. The glass storefront allows for customers who are just passing by to get an inside view of what you have to offer, which is an effective way to market without doing much at all.

Unfortunately, glass storefronts are also prone to damage, and they are especially attractive to vandals who may have a can of spray paint. Yet, the damage can get even worse than surface-level paint with graffiti etching. Here are a few things you likely want to know as a business owner about removing the damage. 

Understanding the Seriousness of Graffiti Etching Damage

To get a better idea of how to repair graffiti etching damage, it is important that you first understand what has taken place when you find this kind of damage on your glass storefront. Graffiti etching involves using paint that has been mixed with an acidic material that is usually used in crafting or industrial purposes to alter the surface of the glass. The acid-paint mixture is usually sprayed on by a vandal in an attempt to leave a permanent marking. Unless you can get to the markings immediately, the acid will start to eat away at the glass, leaving an impression or rough looking area that cannot be removed with regular cleaning techniques. 

What You Should Do If You Have Graffiti Etching On Your Glass Storefront 

When you initially discover that you have been hit with graffiti etching, it is a good idea to go ahead and try to remove the paint as quickly as possible. Grab some protective gloves and a water hose to see if you can remove the paint as quickly as possible. If the paint is already dry and the glass is obviously damaged, you will have to call a professional to help. A glass repair contractor will usually be able to perform a resurfacing technique that will eliminate the uneven texture from your glass storefront. 

Even though graffiti was once thought to be one of the biggest concerns if you had a glass storefront, graffiti etching is most definitely a bigger concern. If you would like to learn more about graffiti etching, talk to a tempered glass glass pro in your area for more information.