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How To Repair Water Damaged Wooden Window Sills

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The window sill is the bottom edge of a window fixture. It often has a decorative beveled edge that sticks out. Because of this stylistic protrusion, the window sill can often get damaged. The paint along the leading edge can easily get scratched off. It often ends up being used as a table, as people set wet drinks on them. Even worse, large sills can serve as impromptu seats. The point is, window sills often need to get repairs and repainted. This article deals with how to repair water damaged windows sills. 

Repainting the Entire Sill At Once

Before you begin, you should if you are going to repaint the entire sill. This is often the easier and more practical route, even if only a small part of the sill is damaged. If you patch a small area, and just repaint that area, there is a good chance that the paints will not match. So, it is easier to just prepare the entire sill to be painted after all the damaged areas are patched.

Patching the Sill

Use a heavyweight wood putty to patch hardwood sills. Fill the holes using a putty knife. If your sill has swelling due to water damage, you will need to first get out the sander. Sand down the surface to make it as flat as possible, before applying any patch. Small holes can be filled by spreading the putty with your fingertip. No need to get out the putty knife if all you holes are less than ½" wide.

Priming and Painting the Sill

Before you paint the sill, you should seal it with waterproof primer. The primer will  seal the patch and make the sill more water resistant. It will also ensure that your paint dries more evenly. Your paint job will be much easier if you already have the right paint. You might have it left over from when the fixtures were originally painted. If not, you will need to scrape off a small section of the paint. Take this sample to the paint store to get a paint match. They will do their best to match your paint perfectly. Once again, this is why you want to paint the entire sill at once, so you have fewer problems with the paint matching.

As you can see, it is not too hard to repair water damaged window sills. Make the repairs so your wood is sealed and protected to prevent further damage. Contact a local water damage restoration company, such as Thompson Valley Disaster Kleenup, for further assistance.