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How Mini Piles Can Stabilize And Correct A Home With A Slanting Floor

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One risk when buying an older home is that you might have a slanting floor. Not only can this slant make it hard to create any level surfaces in your home, but it may even disrupt your sense of balance and make stumbling or falls more likely. As long as your foundation is in good condition, you will likely be able to use mini piles to correct the problem and stabilize your foundation. 

How Settling Affects Your Foundation

When building your home, contractors need to carefully evaluate the soil around your home to determine how deep your foundation needs to be and how to compact the soil around your home. If something goes wrong with the initial build, or the soil conditions around your home change over time, your foundation can start to settle. The term "settling" refers to how your foundation will sink into the ground both due to the weight placed on it and unstable soil conditions. If the settling is uneven, your home can begin to slope towards the areas of your home that settle more. 

How Mini Piles Help

Mini piles are small-diameter metal rods that are driven into the earth outside your home. Workers will drive the pile down to the bedrock. They can then use a jack to lift up the foundation of your home. A metal rod is then driven through or under the foundation and anchored to the pile. Thus, once the jack is removed, the pile will hold up the foundation of your home, and because the pile rests on the bedrock, you have no risk of future settling. 

Types of Piles

There are two main types of piles that are used to correct foundation damage. You have mini piles and helical piles. Helical piles are fitted with helical fins that allow them to be driven into the ground in the same way that you would drive a screw into a piece of wood. These fins create increased stability for the pile, and the machinery used to drive them into the ground is less bulky than the machinery for driving mini piles. Thus, they are the better choice for tight spaces. 

If you have a damaged foundation, you do not necessarily need to level your home and start over. You should talk to a foundation repair specialist like one from Paramount Construction to learn what your options are. Repairing a foundation with piles represents a much lower cost than starting over.