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How To Stall Erosion Around Your Home When You Don't Have Gutters

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If you don't have gutters, the rain will just fall off your roof and hit the ground below. The sheets of rain can easily wear a furrow into the ground and make your yard unsightly. To avoid this effect, you need to take steps to control the erosion.

Here are some tips to inspire you:

1. Make sure the land around your home slants downward.

When trying to encourage water to flow anywhere, you need to harness the forces of gravity, and luckily, that's easy. You just need the ground the slant downward away from your home. You can achieve this effect by adding fill dirt around your house, or you can hire a professional contractor to take care of it for you.

2. Add a moisture barrier.

If you cannot regrade the land around your home so that water rolls down and away from it, you have to stop the water in another way, and a moisture barrier is perfect. Moisture barriers come in rolls -- imagine a giant roll of plastic sheeting.

To install them, you dig a trench around your home. Then, you lay the moisture barrier in it. If you like, you can bend the barrier so that some of it is on the ground and some of it is touching the foundation of your house. Then, replace the dirt to weigh it down.

The moisture barrier will help to prevent erosion around your home because the water won't be able to penetrate it, and as a result, it will have to move somewhere else.

3. Build a erosion-resistant path around your home.

In addition to regrading your soil and adding a moisture barrier, you should consider installing landscaping features that are naturally resistant to erosion. There are a range of options you can use, making it easy to find the option that bests matches your sense of style and your budget.

You can install a perimeter of rocks around your home. Alternatively, you can use patio pavers or sturdy railroad ties. If you like, you can opt for a combination of methods. For example, you can add a rock border to the front and sides of your home and a patio to the back of it.

4. Plant erosion stalling plants.

Finally, you can also include plants when trying to stop erosion from errant rainwater. Ideally, you want plants that have a relatively deep root system. When it rains, the roots hold the plants in place, preventing them from getting damaged, but the roots also hold the ground in place, helping to prevent erosion.

Want more ideas on reducing erosion around your home in the absence of gutters? Contact a company that markets soil erosion products in your area.